19 December 2008

5 December 2008


The White Stripes



28 November 2008

14 November 2008

Yes, its him.

and in the same pool!

31 October 2008

30 October 2008

Records Made From Ice

'Langjökull, Snæfellsjökull, Solheimajökull' by Katie Paterson

3 litres glacial meltwater, 3 litres silicon, 3 turntables [2007]

Sound recordings from three glaciers in Iceland, pressed into three records, cast, and frozen with the meltwater from each of these glaciers, and played on three turntables until they completely melt. The records were played once and now exist as three dvds. The turntables begin playing together, and for the first ten minutes as the needles trace their way around, the sounds from each glacier merge in and out with the sounds the ice itself creates. The needle catches on the last loop, and the records play for nearly two hours, until completely melted.

Three glacier ice records, played until they melt.

29 October 2008


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17 October 2008

9 October 2008

30 September 2008


A Sade cover by Angular artiste Elizabeth Harper (ARC005) and members of Chairlift, Amazing Baby, This Frontier Needs Heroes, Spider and friends Leah Cary and Molly Shea.

Shot by Bek Anderson on Super 8 in Elizabeth's apartment.

22 September 2008

New Cross Is Back

We are hosting a stage at Nail The Cross on Friday the 27th at the New Cross Inn,

8.40 - 9.20 HATCHAM SOCIAL
7.30 - 8.30 PIX - DJ
7.00 - 7.30 THE BON BON CLUB
6.30 - 7.00 ANGULAR DJS
6.00 - 6.30 NAVVY
5.30 - 6.00 ANGULAR DJS
5.00 - 5.30 WET DOG



Buy tickets here

New York Is Back Part II

Chairlift - Planet Health

20 September 2008

New York Is Back

I'm in NY, saw this last night at The Cake Shop. Amazing. Crystal Stilts tonight!

Vivian Girls - Where Do You Run To

18 September 2008

angular records podcast

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The first episode contains a free wetdog song. Go on. have a listen.

17 September 2008


I've got a feeling you're going to be hearing more of these chaps


16 September 2008

15 September 2008

spEak You're bRanes

What the racists say:

I think we can all agree this is brilliant:

September's pop highlight, which gets better with each viewing:

8 September 2008

3 September 2008

A Basement of Curiosities

Just a simple link to an fantastic blog today:

A Basement of Curiosities

Download LPs of dog's heartbeats, erotic noise, preachers warning you about LSD and the truth about mental telepathy.

28 August 2008

LSD - The development of a spit

Diagram of a spit. Longshore drift moves material along the coast. The material is dropped, forming a spit. As more material is dropped the spit grows. Eventually the spit may turn parallel to the coast (a hook). The protected area behind this hook could become mud flats or salt marshes as more material is deposited.

21 August 2008

Devil's Trident

Telepathe's new single.
Out on Merok Records.
Get it.
They are The Future.


England's Greatest Living Scotsman

Suede biographer David Barnett was our press officer in 2004. He now fronts The New Royal Family which is a bit like watching Adam Ant if he sang funny songs about biscuits, tortoises and wanting to be gay. I saw them on Saturday, I hope they play again soon.


Hello! Hello! I'm back again...

Click here to download Gary's weirdly prophetic 1980 hit "What Your Mama Don't See (Your Mama Don't Know)". It's a classic.

1 August 2008

One Step Beyond

This was the inspiration for New Rave.
Ratpack at Fantazia, Castle Donnington, 1992.

Neo-pagan delirium, and look out for the youngster's birthday greeting at 3.25.

14 July 2008

mangled brain

he has found it now.

11 July 2008

on the real side.

check out this release from our friends No Pain In Pop...split 7s don't get much better.




10 July 2008

TNPs Vid c a s t.2

SNR = signal-to-noise ratio.

asically a visual transposition of alvin lucier's i am sitting in a room.

here is the first one too in case you missed it: