27 February 2009

No one Died

Thee SPC's chuck with their touching tribute:

26 February 2009

Posrtcards from Woolley Edge PT 1.

More Tim Key - this time investigating service stations with Alex Horne:

24 February 2009

What A Sum!!

The genius of Tim Key:

19 February 2009

9 February 2009

6 February 2009


The ITV Chart Show : Indie Chart.
An indie lifeline for suburban kids in the 90's, this rundown features The Auteurs debut single Showgirl at Number 8!

5 February 2009

What's your favourite number?

What does it mean? A news item about Numbers Stations... shortwave radio stations that broadcast strings of seemingly random digits, read out in groups of 5.

3 February 2009

He didn't know where the cafe was...

Worth watching all 8 mins of this brilliant short film from Hum-Drum: