28 August 2008

LSD - The development of a spit

Diagram of a spit. Longshore drift moves material along the coast. The material is dropped, forming a spit. As more material is dropped the spit grows. Eventually the spit may turn parallel to the coast (a hook). The protected area behind this hook could become mud flats or salt marshes as more material is deposited.

21 August 2008

Devil's Trident

Telepathe's new single.
Out on Merok Records.
Get it.
They are The Future.


England's Greatest Living Scotsman

Suede biographer David Barnett was our press officer in 2004. He now fronts The New Royal Family which is a bit like watching Adam Ant if he sang funny songs about biscuits, tortoises and wanting to be gay. I saw them on Saturday, I hope they play again soon.


Hello! Hello! I'm back again...

Click here to download Gary's weirdly prophetic 1980 hit "What Your Mama Don't See (Your Mama Don't Know)". It's a classic.

1 August 2008

One Step Beyond

This was the inspiration for New Rave.
Ratpack at Fantazia, Castle Donnington, 1992.

Neo-pagan delirium, and look out for the youngster's birthday greeting at 3.25.